A compromised beginning...

Dear unsuspecting cyberspace dwellers,

Welcome to my blog. This is the first time I have contemplated such a thing as this, despite being mildly obsessed with other people's blogs for some months now. So bear with me as I make the necessary compromises to make this appear to work.

Please feel free to disagree with any of the opinions, perspectives, reviews or ramblings that appear in this blog. Please also respect that I may or may not agree with your disagreement, or even care for your opinion very much. In life and art, I find that I constantly compromise and am compromised. But in this blog I may or may not choose to compromise given opinions. They are my opinions after all, informed by my (slanted) perspective, (partial) experiences and (provisional) expertise. But I won't (always) apologise for this. This is after all my blog, and you can start your own if you really feel strongly about it. After all, I did.

One thing I will apologise for outright - I find that currently I am rather overemployed, and while I will attempt to update this blog regularly, this must be taken by you, dear unsuspecting cyberspace dweller, as a non-core promise.

To open with however, I offer you a big meaty chunk of performance and politics in the form of an artist talk I've given in several forms over the last 18 months...

many thanks and happy compromises to all,



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