Theatre Board releases 'Make it New? Communique 2'

For those of you who are interested in such things, the Theatre Board of the Australia Council for the Arts is inviting comments and responses to the latest installment in their consultative future planning exercise 'Make it New'. Their latest thoughts and provocations to the field can be found here. I promise I'll post my own responses to Theatre Board Director John Baylis' proto-policy paper when my personal and university life settles down somewhat. In the meantime, jump in and make some comments on the future of the Theatre Board's funding of and engagement with the broad field of theatre practice in Australia. Just so everyone is clear on the stakes of this, the first installment of 'Make it New' was preceded with the placing 'on notice' of all of the organisations triennially funded by the Theatre Board, including Melbourne's La Mama, discussed memorably in the blogosphere by Alison Croggon. Big changes in the ways in which theatre practice is funded will result from this discussion, so get your two cents in ASAP or miss out!


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