Taking sail: beginning to obsess about and dream the show.

Kym Vercoe and David Williams in the workshop stage of version 1.0's 'Deeply Offensive and Utterly Untrue' at Wharf 2 Loud, February 2007. Photo by Heidrun Lohr

Well its all go go go now... Week 3 of rehearsals is now complete, with 4 weeks to opening night. The media materials have begun to appear, and the show, well the show looks something like this:

Make sense? Trust me, as the Prime Minister so regularly states. In 3 weeks it'll all be perfectly structured. I've been obsessively reordering the materials over the last 48 hours and no doubt everyone else has as well. Of course we'll all disagree with each other's diagnoses, but that's what a devising process is for! Compromise really is our business. I've been trying to make new through-lines appear and tighten up the existing ones, at least in my head. We'll see what the rest of the group reckons on Tuesday. But its starting to feel like a show, as opposed to a big pile of impossibly dense paper...

Anyway, feeling a little more rested, getting obsessed about the show to the extent that I dream its scenes, and feeling inspired after seeing the excellent performance piece Major Bang down at the Opera House. And Ming Zhu-Hii has been generous enough to nominate me for a Thinking Blogger Award as well! And I sent off my article for RealTime! Impossible deeds done daily (by appointment only)! Now all I need is a victory in indoor soccer tomorrow night and life will be fine indeed...

UPDATE: First Iraq defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0 to win the Asian Cup, then my indoor team Locomotiv Sigma also had a glorious 4-3 victory. Very exciting!


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