Happenings, theatrical and otherwise

Despite the words of my Sydney comrade-blogger Nick, bemoaning from beautiful Bundeena the current state of Sydney's theatre scene, it's certainly an interesting time for the arts in post-APEC town. Too much to see! Especially for my completely compromised self, freshly shattered with the triple threat of spring sinus-y flu, post-production slump, and an immediate leap into action on the fly floor of that innovative new Australian opera The Gondoliers. After a week of Gilbert and Sullivan, I'm actually pining for the Cole Inquiry transcript, all of which is now neatly stored in my newly tidied shed, along with 35 bags which once contained wheat and a flying carpet platform that weighs as much as me...

Valiantly sallying forth despite all of the above, I've had the recent pleasure of seeing Sidetrack's sumptuous, energetic and extremely funny production The Tangled Garden, Daniel Kitson's
tender, beautifully written, engrossing and occasionally infuriating C-90 at the Opera House. Coming up, I am seeing Hilda at the TAP Gallery tomorrow (closes tomorrow), Ride On Theatre's production of Bone at the Seymour Centre for BITE next Wednesday (it opens tomorrow), little death's production of Mercury Fur opening at the Stables next Thursday. And just for fun, version 1.0 have just agreed to do a performance in a car for Nighttime #4: Car Boot Show on Sunday October 7 at Carriageworks. Currently we have no idea what we're going to do, but isn't that the fun part? We know that there'll be a car involved.

Unfortunately the wild ride of Deeply offensive... (which I'll try and reflect upon in another post) has meant that I've missed some works I really wanted to see, including STC's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Company B's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Griffin's The Miracle of Cookie's Table (though my housemate Sally is seeing that one tonight, and so I'll at least have it described in detail). As our season's clashed, I also missed Kate Richards and Martyn Coutts' Wayfarer at Performance Space @ Carriage Works, and I missed out on Flightpath Theatre's Pugilist Specialist at the Darlinghurst as well. Who says that nothing's happening in Sydney? Whatever one thinks of the big end of town and its Actor's Company (and personally, I don't tend to think of them much at all) the local theatrical ecology looks pretty damned robust. Maybe the flu meds are making me delirious...


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