Life on the inside

Bubble presents three unnamed characters (Anton, Alexandra Harrison, and Ingrid Kleinig) trapped in a mildly claustrophobic domestic space, each just hanging out. The space is cluttered with an armchair, a bed, table and chair, an old suitcase under the table, rugs on the floor and a crinkly paper-covered wall upstage. It is unclear what the relationship between the characters is, other than their being forced to share this space. Through some unspoken agreement, they decide to play a game, and chase each other around the room. This game ended, they try to talk, but rather than communicating they each speak over the top of each other. We can’t understand them, and presumably, they are also unable or unwilling to understand each other. The lights go out.

Read the rest of my article, Life on the inside, published in the print and online editions of RealTime #87, here.

Image by Lisa Tomasetti


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