Night of The Hoofer

Along with 70 or so other keen followers of the Sydney dance trio The Fondue Set, I'll be dancing their delightful (and exhausting) choreography known only as 'The Hoofer' tonight for the opening of the Sydney Festival. For those after a sneak peak at the routine, enjoy the wonders of YouTube here! Here's the blurb from the Sydney Festival site:

"The Hoofer is a relentless unison routine, a large scale choreography for non-dancers working so hard to get it right that it becomes a hilarious exercise in absurdity. It is a cross between a ‘skank’ and a soft shoe shuffle that is stuck on the spot and stuck in time. It illustrates The Fondue Set’s exploration of dance techniques, and their understanding of an awkward body. They work against the idea of dazzling the audience with skill and tricks, but dazzle them nonetheless with an ongoing and almost ritualistic virtuosity."

I only learnt the routine on Wednesday, so my grasp of it is tenuous at best, but this struggle to remember is part of what makes the piece so fun to watch. The key instruction from the choreographers is "maximum effort for minimal result", and this results in a beautiful and beautifully silly routine. Catch it tonight at the Pitt St stage, Martin Place, at 8.30pm and 10.20pm.


Chloe Smethurst said…
Would love to hear how the night went, it sounds like an amazing event

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