Funding advice video online now

For those of you who might be interested, my helpful advice to writing successful funding applications to the Australia Council's Theatre Board has been included in a range of short video interviews posted on the Australia Council's website. I must confess to traveling directly to this interview from a long boozy lunch at another blogger's place, so I was definitely half tanked at the time. For the record, I finished the interview, and went straight back to lunch. (For what its worth, it was a Saturday, and they weren't paying me anything.)

I'm too scared to watch it myself (and hate myself on video anyway), but I'm sure that there must be something useful in there, otherwise they wouldn't have put on the site. Perhaps this is wishful thinking. You can my performance in all of its dubious glory here.

ps. A friend of mine in Wales informs me that he especially likes that the video is punctuated by strong hand gestures, and I feel obligated to note publicly that the hands were filmed separately. I can't remember what we were talking about when I was waving my hands around for the camera, but it definitely wasn't funding applications...

pps. Of course, I have realised now that doing this video has jinxed me, as I have just received my first rejection letter for an Australia Council application since 2002. Is it all downhill from here?


Matthew said…
I really like it, especially the line about quilt-making. And no, you don't look too tipsy at all.

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