Making sense; or what on earth is it that we are doing, and how might this possibly be achieved?

We're deep into rehearsals for the new version 1.0 project, This kind of ruckus, which will open at Performance Space @ CarriageWorks on September 4. It's a project in which we have got lost many times, and have traveled down many blind alleys following red herrings, if, dear reader, you might excuse such a mangling of metaphors. Like every one of our performance works, this one has felt utterly impossible - impossible to think through, impossible to understand, impossible to know what it is or might possibly be. And difficult at times to understand why we are making it at all. It's a process we've gone through with all of our past works as well, but nonetheless, this is a process that never gets any easier. After all, why should any of this be theatre? How can our always-inadequate provisional expertise possibly hope to contribute anything meaningful to these complex entanglements of policy, culture, and violence? And what right do we have to even attempt such an undertaking? The above photograph is one earlier attempt to understand what we might be doing, to navigate our way through the work, and through it, chart a course through the world. Yes, it's frightening. Yes, our preparations are never quite good enough. And yes, the show will go on. And our audiences are truly in for a surprise...


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