New year, new blog

Dear fellow cyberspace dwellers,

Welcome to a brand new year. And unlike that troublesome 2009, I'm confident that this will be a great one.

For those of you who follow this blog for version 1.0 news, I've decided to set up another blog dedicated solely to version 1.0 projects, and that can be found here: Over the next few months, I'll be archiving a range of writings about version 1.0 projects, from program notes, to unpublished academic writings, to research materials on that site. For convenience, this blog can be accessed directly from the newly-updated version 1.0 site.

It's going to be a huge year for us, and one in which our artists and our works get out around the country, as well as the occasional overseas jaunt. First up though, we're taking our alcohol-fuelled, techno-beat driven meditation on sexual violence in contemporary culture to the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It'll be the first ever show we've taken to Adelaide, and given the number of past and current company artists who hail from that city, it seems an amazing omission. Check it out - 6 shows only at the Norwood Concert Hall from February 20-26.

Hopefully I'll have some time in the next month to open up some of my notebooks and reflect a bit on the year that was 2009 in performance. Despite being away on tour for 3 months, I managed to see some deeply fascinating, and some deeply ordinary, performance works, few of which I've managed to respond to here. With luck, this will not be replicated in 2010.

More soon.


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