Retroflex - blink and you'll miss it!

Just a quick note to encourage Sydney readers to go and see Retroflex, a dance triple bill opening tonight at Performance Space @ Carriage Works, details here. It features Death is certain, an acclaimed piece from German dancer Eva Meyer-Keller, in Australia as part of Jerome Bel's The Show Must Go On in the Melbourne Festival next week (and I for one will be there with bells on, if you pardon the pun). From reports, Meyer-Keller subjects strawberries (in Europe it was cherries, but they're out of season here it seems) to the cruel and degrading treatment dished out in the name of the war on terror, torturing fruit to death following the precise descriptions of torturers and interrogators acting in the name of freedom in the dark and not-so-dark corners of the world. Also on the bill are Melbourne-based dancer Siobhan Murphy and new work by my favourite local 'submerging artist' Julie-Anne Long.
It opens tonight, and there's 3 shows only. Blink, miss, and be disappointed. I'll be there on Saturday, and will post an appropriately compromised report.

Photo taken from Performance Space website


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