The Sydney swirl! Bad blogger!

Well, what a rich month or two of postings from your compromised host! September came and September went, and only the one token post. Mea culpa. Did I mention in the sidebar that keeping this up-to-date was a non-core promise? I am indeed a bad blogger, and today's post won't do nearly enough to make amends. But one must start somewhere, and today, it will be here.

Despite my silence in the blog-o-sphere (I prefer this spelling of the neologism, so don't get upset dear blog purists. Just dismiss me as eccentric), its been an active month in the performative Sydney swirl. There's far too much theatre and performance to see, even if I wasn't working fifty hours a week on the flys at the opera (currently the joys of Tannhauser and The Tales of Hoffman). Now I'm realising why I avoided doing opera seasons for all these years - there's no time to see shows! The scary part is that I remember working on this production of Tannhauser for its premiere season in 1997. Now I really know that I've worked at the Opera House too long... Still, I've managed to get out a bit and participate in the swirl, and the following post will attest. More soon - I think that the brain fog is starting to clear and I might have something to say again.


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